Multisyllabic word list for adults

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July 8, 2019
multisyllabic word list for adults

This list of functional words was professionally selected to be the most useful for a child or adult who has difficulty with producing multi-syllabic words. Doing home practice will help your child make much faster progress toward correct production.

Lesson 71 practice reading multisyllable words this lesson provides additional direct instruction and practice with multisyllable words. Remember learning and practicing how to handle these multisyllable words greatly improves your reading. I will add a light pencil mark if you need help breaking a word apart.

Multisyllabic words have more than one syllable or vowel sound. In order for students to read these words, they must first learn to decode them. By breaking the word down to figure out how to pronounce the word. For example, if you were to decode the word february it would look like this feb ru ar y.

They will help children and adults be successful meeting their goals. Each list of articulation sounds contains words with the target sound in the beginning, middle, and end position, including blends when applicable, as well.

List of multisyllable words compound words two syllable words 3 syllable words 4 syllable words birthday airplane fireman football pancake popcorn bathtub skateboard cupcake spaceship cowboy snowflake doghouse baseball toothbrush sidewalk bedroom firetruck blackbird playground earring coughdrop doorbell classroom peanut railroad dollhouse.

Worksheets are lesson 71 practice reading multisyllable words, syllable zoo, multisyllabic words for reading spelling and vocabulary, research behind the common syllable frequency charts, lesson 13 multisyllabic words, lesson plans lesson 13 221 multisyllabic word reading, word work strategies to develop decoding.

This is a great set of multisyllabic words with dots to indicate the number of syllables underneath each pictured word. This is a great activity to send home with kids to have them practice producing multisyllabic words.

Attached is a multisyllabic words with closed syllables sort. It includes a word list, sorting mat, and extra freebie word list for students who need reinforcement.

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