Misshapen skull in adults

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July 8, 2019
misshapen skull in adults

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В  while its common for the shape of peoples skulls to vary, a dent or irregularity in your skull can indicate a serious health condition.

As a result, any restrictive or constrictive forces applied to a babys head can result in dramatic distortions. These changes can be mild, reversible deformations or severe, irreversible malformations that can result in brain injury.

If youre concerned about your babys misshapen head, talk to your pediatrician. Naidoo says any baby with a misshapen head should be evaluated to rule out more serious conditions such as craniosynostosis. This condition occurs when the sutures between the skull plates fuse together too early, which limits space for brain growth.

What causes plagiocephaly and brachycephaly? The skull is made up of plates of bone that strengthen and join together as a child gets older. A young babys skull is still relatively soft and can change shape if theres constant pressure on a particular part of their head.

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