Mailbox freebies

Mailbox freebies

Mailbox freebies

At the beginning of the year, I decided to start signing up for freebies again. So at the beginning of the year, I started signing up for freebies hardcore again. I knew this one girl who was all into freebies and she spent what seemed like enormous amounts of time finding and signing up for freebies online. Needless to say, I was unimpressed. So I did… and, I got hooked. In fact, it is fun — and it can save you a nice little amount on your grocery bill.

12 Legitimate Online Sites To Get Free Stuff in the Mail (No Strings Attached)

Signed copies of all the books are available through Nicola s. We can no longer personalize the books until the next tour, but Nicola s will always have signed copies. We had a few hundred seed packet freebies left after the signing. Signed copies: Nicola s has signed, first-edition copies of The Turn as well as The Drafter Chronicles and most of the other books. International is okay, but email them at orders nicolasbooks. To order one, check out the instructions at the Nicola s link below I m no longer personalizing them in the interests of time, but signed books will always be available.

Currently featured, but most are available if you contact them. More of Kim s books at Nicola s. Every year, I try to have something to give to you, the reader, at signings and such as a thank you for coming out to see me, and because I know that not everyone can get to the few places that I go, I like to make them available for a short time to everyone for the price of a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.

SASE It s a challenge to find something that is small enough to slip into a pocket, light enough to mail for the price of a stamp, and cheap enough to give away--and still actually relate to the book. This year, Guy and I decided to do a mock-up of the T4 Angel seed packet. We managed to save a few hundred from the signings, so for a short time, we will make them available for a SASE.

Stamped, self-addressed envelope. Info on how to send me a SASE is below. Tim and I had a few left from the signings, so as long as they last, I ll send you one if you send me a SASE self-addressed stamped envelope. Because these are real seeds for beefstake tomatoes, we can not send these outside the U. I ve got a great post on how to make a SASE if you ve never sent one. Click here to see how.

We occasionally have issues with the SASEs. If you send us one and didn t get your "glass phone," there are a couple of possible explanations. If you used a return address label with tiny or too flowery print for the post office to read, they will not deliver it. If you failed to put return postage on the SASE envelope, it will not be delivered. International SASE s, we will provide postage, but not domestic. If you put your address in the wrong spot, it won t be delivered.

If you were the unlucky sacrifice to the post office gods and their machines ate your letter. Wearing a Tour T, whether this year s, last year s, or even one of the few specialty Ts that Tim has created, will get you into the "Family Photo" that I try to take at every signing. Unlike the many photos that we and you! You can get to them by going to the event s page and scrolling down to the event that you were at. The tour T s for the Turn tour are now unavailable, but we are still offering the "Don t Fix Me," shirts, and they will get you into the family photo at any tour.

We ve worked with Bedo for a few years now, and they are able to offer you a lot more sizes than Tim and I could ever do. And they will ship overseas. Click to order:. All rights reserved. Info on how to send me a SASE is below Tim and I had a few left from the signings, so as long as they last, I ll send you one if you send me a SASE self-addressed stamped envelope A standard business-size envelope will do.

Mail your SASE to me at: If you mail me a SASE and don t get anything back. Click to order:

The Thrifty Couple Mailbox – FREEBIES and Coupons Galore!

This is an awesome week for freebies! In addition to the 3 Free Hair Care Product coupons I got earlier this week , I also got these great freebies in my mailbox:. General Mills Free Sample. Coupon for a Free Nestle Drumstick: Nestle Facebook Freebie. The zebra pens and nestle coupon are no longer available but the free Cheerios sample still is.

Join our completely free newsletter to get more freebies and be the first in line! We will never share your info with anyone for any reason, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

To be eligible for the gift cards you must use [this link] https: Once you get verified it will take about 48 hours to get you your Amazon Gift card. Valid until May 9. New members only.

Fill Your Mailbox & Your Belly… with FREEBIES!!

Mail is a pretty big deal in my house. Requesting freebies is such a simple thing. It takes no time at all; and yet, it add so much fun to our afternoons, while helping us to save money. I mean, take a look at all of the stuff that we got last week:. Your email address will not be published.

The Thrifty Couple Mailbox – FREEBIES and Coupons Galore!

Each Sunday I do a roundup of what was in my mailbox that week. This is a great place to find new samples that you can request, as well as learn a few things about free samples and what might be showing-up in your mailbox next. These freebies are still available to request: I shared this freebie with you here. I shared it with you here last June. Distinctively Dole Salad — I won this coupon by playing the daily sweepstakes. You can win one two because they are giving away 15, salads! Silk Apron — Another sweepstakes prize, there are over 1, winners. More details about this sweeps here. These freebies are no longer available or were a special sampling opportunity:

March Mailbox Freebies

Filling your mailbox with free stuff is really a rather easy task. The main ingredient is patience and the second is a mailbox. You can not expect to start today and have tons of goodies tomorrow. The fact is, if you spend a month requesting free stuff by mail, actual free stuff, you will have months of free stuff on its way. You don t want to waste your time filling our surveys or spending hard earned cash on participation offers. Hmmm, let me think.. What is a good website where you can find only the best freebies on the internet?

Free stuff Free Samples at Freaky Freddies

I recommend choosing a new offer from this list every day. I strongly suggest following the social media sites for the companies below. They use these social platforms to alert people to check out their giveaways and free samples. Some of these items are delivered to your mailbox with no strings attached. For others, you may be asked to do some minor work, such as fill out a form or talking about them on one of your social media accounts. They usually have a Beauty Box with hair, makeup, and skin care products among others. You can choose one of the following boxes:. As with most offers, Walmart gives free samples while supplies last.

FREE Stuff Delivered Right to Your Mailbox!!

Arranging for kids to receive free fun and educational items by mail is a great way to bring smiles to their faces without having to spend any money. There are many sources of free items you can order, and your kids will have fun anticipating and receiving free stuff by mail! The availability and types of free items that children can receive by mail change frequently. As a result, it s very helpful to have a few websites that you can check to get updated information on what s available. Some great resources include:. A number of organizations offer free coloring books and activity kits that are both educational and entertaining. Great options include:. Getting free magazines and activities is great, but children are even more excited when they get personalized mail.

Mailbox Cleanup is a one-stop-clean-up tool you can use to trim the size of your mailbox. Join our completely free newsletter to get more freebies and be the first in line.

Mailbox Freebies: July th!

Calling all ladies and men with long hair, be sure to check out this awesome and HOT Scunci hair ties freebie offer! These hair ties are braided 3x and are very durable. They … [Read more Right now, you can choose from one of two different Nivea skin care samples right on the Nivea Facebook page! You can choose the in-shower cocoa butter body lotion that … [Read more Raise your hand if you enjoy receiving FREE samples by mail! If you raised your hand, you are not alone. Many people love receiving FREE stuff by mail. It really does not get much better than visiting your mailbox only to find it filled with awesome freebies. These days, many stores offer freebies … [Read more If you are a coffee drinker, you can t pass up the opportunity to get a FREE cup of coffee. Really, what is better than a cup of FREE coffee? Probably nothing, if you ask us. Throughout the year, various shops and restaurants run FREE coffee specials and incentives.

March 29, March was a good month for FREEbies in my mailbox. Check your email right away. We just sent you a welcome letter with direct links to our most helpful resources in Lancaster County. Add frugal. Frugal Lancaster posts may contain affiliate links, which means we might make a small percentage of sales made through our links at no extra cost to you! Please read our privacy policy for more details. Did you get any great FREEbies in your mailbox?

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