Wmji half off deals

Wmji half off deals

Owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. Department of Commerce , the letters were later treated as a backronym for " W here T he A rtisans M eet. WTAM began broadcast operations on September 26, In it was known as the "Wave from Lake Erie. WTAM was the first radio station to broadcast coverage of a political convention when it covered the Republican National Convention at Cleveland s Public Auditorium from June 10—12, In a statement announcing the purchase, the new owners declared, "Recognizing the fact that this radio station is a civic asset to the Greater Cleveland district and that the cessation of its operation would be a real loss, the Van Sweringen interests and the Illuminating Co.

Wmji deals

That is high. So a lot of people were fired here, too. No pay cuts that I am aware of but I will check up on it. Even the Globe was far less than that and they are teetering on the edge. CBS is hopeless. If the local guys are any example, a 30 pay cut would still leave them overpaid. Seriously, if you have a minute then check out the new programming. It s absolutely horrible. Lots of splash about how they re going from "guy talk" to sports talk.

Every morning I ve listened in, I haven t heard a single sports story or even serious sports discussion in a sports-rabid town. The first ratings since the changeover shows them losing listeners. I know it takes time to develop a following, but given how few listeners they had to begin with, they hould have seen something just from the publicity.

I ll bet these numbers are the best they ll see. All the buzz I ve heard is how stunned people are by the stupidity of the new programming. There s nothing these guys at CBS couldn t F-up. I m out of the business today, but still follow it out of habit. I m amazed at how inept this transition has been. I haven t heard from my old stomping grounds how the conversion of BCN to sports is working out. But if it s going as well as it is here, it must be a total joke. Then you re in the wrong business.

CBS is one messed up radio company. I don t care what anyone says about Dan Mason. He does not understand radio. He is one of those lucky right place at the right time ceos. His prints are all over the death of so many great CBS radio stations. He always interfered with success and turned it into failure. He made so many bad judgements on station managers. I could go on for hours. Everything he touches turns to crap. I really tried to like the guy when I worked at CBS.

He just does not get radio. I had high hope for him that were dashed away by his wrong decision making. This was a local decision, not a nationwide reduction. It did not affect on-air, business or support staff. It was on sellers not meeting their draws. Those draws were cut completely. How many times have you been at a radio station and seen sellers just sitting around all day not doing much of anything?

In today s economy every dollar counts, and you ve got to fight for it. The Free Lunch is over. They screw up every market they get involved in. Be thankful if you are one of the smaller markets like Clevelnad. You may have you nepotism thing going there but it is nothing compared to the crap we have to put up with in the majors. They are all over our ass for nothing.

Whoever said Mason does nt get it is being kind. Mason should be doing Grand Rapids or Grand Fork. That is his speed. He will kill the radio div. Bet on it. No full time airstaff were affected. Drop the morning show on WNCX. WOW is that show awful. Dead air is more entertaining. I m not kidding. Don t believe me? Try this tomorrow morning: Then at the halfway point, shut the radio off for the rest of the drive.

Tell me which half of the drive was more entertaining. I ve not heard such a poor excuse of a morning show in a large market. Alan Fee included Just put a jock on, time and temp the thing. It would be easier on the ears. You guys in Cleveland are a pretty sorry bunch. I heard that your Radio One stations there fired their program director right after she delivered the best numbers the stations had seen in years. Now the GM will be PD too. I have heard the stories about CBS in Cleveland.

I have worked for CBS in the past. I know how bad it can be. I wonder if those that instituted this have families of their own? John, You don t know the half of it. I used to work there. If there are two people they have taken advantage of over the years its Bill Louis and Dave Jockers. They are the hardest working and most dedicated people i have ever worked with. CBS treats Louis terribly and have always paid him poorly.

To this day Bill feels he is lucky to have his job. He has had more challenges than any other program director in this market and through thick and thin kept WNCX with respectable ratings even when CBS piled on the spots. Dave Jockers meticulously goes over playlists and no matter what is handed to him does not complain.

They also make Jockers feel like he owes them for employing him. The fact is that CBS is lucky to have these two guys that stuck it for them and should stop treating them and making them feel like their jobs are expendible. Thank you for allowing me my two cents. I agree with the comment on Bill Louis. He is a good fair program director.

Yes CBS does treat him poorly. He has spent his career with CBS always looking over his shoulder and never got paid what he deserves. CBS Radio in Cleveland is a mess. They nickel and dime everything. I don t know what facility is the worst to be in Huron or Radio Lane. Gorman lay offf on CBS in Cleveland. You are full of crap. Radio sucks everywhere. I would rather be here than at Clear Channel or Radio One where they politics are really bad.

CBS has good people and good stations and we are not having layoffs like other companies here. Stop picking on CBS. We have good people here. Anyone who got a pay cut deserved it. We have a lot of dead weight and our management is too kind to let them go. WNCX is also live in more time slots than any other stationin Cleveland too. If " Paulie Walnuts " paid as much attention to his station as he does his " Miami Vice " outfits maybe we would not be in such bad shape here.

Ever think about that? John Thank you. This was overdue.

Wmji deals

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That is high. So a lot of people were fired here, too. No pay cuts that I am aware of but I will check up on it. Even the Globe was far less than that and they are teetering on the edge. CBS is hopeless. If the local guys are any example, a 30 pay cut would still leave them overpaid. Seriously, if you have a minute then check out the new programming.

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