Carmel car service coupon $6

Carmel car service coupon $6

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Mon - Sun: Despite confirming an online reservation, Carmel forgot to send a s. A mere twenty minutes before the s. It was apparent that Carmel didn t even have two cars available at the time because we were never told that any cars were dispatched to our location. We were simply told that Carmel "would try" to get two cars to us if we waited while the customer service representative we spoke to Justine attempted to make alternative arrangements.

Although Carmel presumably sends cars to airports daily, Justin seemed unable or unwilling to understand that international travellers can t board a flight if they arrive at the airport only minutes before departure. It was as if he just wanted to make a record that Carmel offered an alternative so it could evade liability if my guests weren t permitted to board because of their late arrival.

I m usually not writing reviews, but I feel that people should know that. I decided to call and see the prices. And I repeated the all thing to him and he approved. I was waiting for a car for minutes after the time scheduled, because of bad communication with the office. The driver was very nice, and when I told him about the price, he said that I was supposed to get "a code" for the coupon. So I tried to call them on the way. They put me on hold to "try to give me the code" about 7 times, for 12 minutes.

And then I got to the "supervisor" that was very unprofessional and told me that he can t add the code after we started the ride, and when I asked him what to do, he said that he can t do anything and that I will need to pay. I told the "supervisor" that this is not a way to run a business as I am running a business and know how it is , and he just said that it is fine with him and I will have to pay. It s about the customer service that was horrible.

I will never use them again, and I really don t recommend anyone to use them. I was picked up from JFK airport, and wanted to go to Newark airport. I had to meet a friend that was flying in at the Newark airport, then we were going to take her car service to the hotel.. I had to get the driver to stop, pull over on the side of the road, after driving almost 40 miles keep in mind the 2 airports are only 28 miles apart, and we weren t even half way there!! I called David- the dispatcher, and told him what was going on, he said pay him cash, and I have to pay the full amount even though the driver didnt even get me HALF WAY to my destination!!!!!

Once my driver pulled over in the gas station to wait for my friend to come pick me up, he told me i have to get out of the car - he was leaving!! I paid the driver cash in the car before he kicked me out!!!!!! I was left stranded in the freezing cold alongside a gas station -waiting for another car service to come get me. I have used carmel for many years to get to the airport myself, and to take others who are visiting. The last time I scheduled a ride to get to the airport for my early morning flight I had a car come to pick me up at 4: I assumed that the driver who would be taking me on this trip that was scheduled ahead of time would know how to get to JFK airport, but that assumption was very wrong.

The driver who picked me up was unfamiliar with the route to JFK and got lost several times, including missing the off ramp to the airport not once, but a second time when she circled back around and was coming back the other way. When she exited the highway to circle back around, she turned left on a red light and then proceeded to drive the wrong way down a two way street. Thank goodness there wasn t any other traffic on the road, but by that point I was scared for my safety.

She almost drove the wrong way down another road but a car honked at her to tell her she was going the wrong way. Although she had a navigation system she did not bother to try to use it until she was driving and did not get it up and running. She even pulled over to the side of the road to ask someone walking on the street how to get to the airport. She was also checking her phone the entire time she was driving and drove most of the way with her right turn signal on. Once I got to the airport, I had 15 minutes to get through security and board my flight.

She took a very long time to get the credit card slip ready to sign and did not get out to help me with my carry on suitcase. Not only that, but she did not open the trunk to let me get my own suitcase out until I banged on the window to remind her. I barely made it on to my flight. I called and emailed Carmel to let them know what had happened but I kept getting recorded messages. I said I wanted my money back and they said they would check with the Drivers Manager and then let me know what they could do.

After several days, I still hadn t heard from them and called them back and they told me that the driver was a very experienced driver and ""due to traffic"" took another route to the airport and that because I hadn t missed my flight they could not give me my money back. Additionally, I really did fear for my safety after she broke several traffic laws and almost drove the wrong way down two different streets and actually did for one of them.

The excuse they gave me was total BS and I am extremely disappointed with the customer service at Carmel. They do not care about their customers and actually put them in danger. I called to confirm this reservation on the day before and the next time I called to confirm the reservation was 30 minutes before pick-up, which was at I was told by the dispatcher who picked up that they were UNABLE to get my car and there was nothing that they could do.

This left six people stranded in Long Island in the snow with no way to get home to Brooklyn in the middle of the night. I ve used Carmel for several years. Normally they are terrific. However, last evening they stranded my girlfriend and I during a snow storm without the least bit of concern about our plight. Our reservation was booked 48 hours in advance and they canceled it 8 minutes prior to our scheduled pick up. They cannot be trusted to actually pick you up. I have used Carmel for work travel half a dozen times in the past 2 months, and I have had nothing but problems with them.

First, they lure you in with the ability to book online, and with the friendliness of their booking agents. But it s all downhill from there Most recently, I had 2 drivers pick up 2 colleagues at the airport at 6am to drive them to their respective homes. Both drivers claimed the corporate credit card was declined and refused to drive them unless they paid cash.

The other coworker was my boss, and the ""declined"" card was his corporate card. He called the dispatch and read his card number to them. Guess what! No problems! The driver was very rude when he learned he wouldn t be getting cash. My boss didn t get a receipt from the driver, so I called Carmel to see if I could have one emailed to me. Since he didn t remember the exact cost of the ride, nobody at dispatch could help me.

I guess providing the reservation number, name of passenger, pick up location and destination, date and time isn t enough information for them to look up the transaction. So I m transferred to customer service, which is a straight-to-voicemail system. The dispatch operator tells me to expect to wait business days to get a response to my voicemail message.

Since I need this last receipt to close out the budget for this account, I called them and left voicemails every day. I emailed them as well, detailing all of the information on the trip. I received an email response asking for all of the information already included in my previous email. Clearly they never read it. My response was to write, ""As per my previous email: Their response?

They wrote, ""As per your previous email: Your receipt will be mailed. Just about as rude as it gets. I prepaid for my brothers car journey from Manhattan to La Guardia which includes tolls and tip. The driver took the longer route to avoid tolls and needlessly extended the journey. When I contested this with the owner of Carmel he said it was his perogative and refused to pay back the tolls and tip charged.

It will be my prerogative never to use Carmel again and I will will obtain my refund by contesting through my credit card company. Carmel obviously doesn t care about customer service. I would rather pay more and go elsewhere. On top of this all their dispatchers are rude which doesn t surprise me when the owners doesn t seem to care. Have seen a review further down which suggests Delancey Car Service I used Carmel for a ride home from Newark Airport recently.

My car was 20 minutes late. Any time I would call in to ask Carmel for an update on where my car was, I would get an operator who gave me false or inaccurate info. I called and left a complaint in a voice mail box at Carmel. When I finally got a call back, the attitude from the customer service mgr was that this sort of thing happens frequently and is no big deal.

Upper management at Carmel seema just fine with late cars, incompitent call center people and a rude customer service manager. I ve been using Carmel for rides to and from the airport for years. Usually they are on time when going to the airport, but it seems they have trouble picking me up at the airport to go home. I dislike having to contact my driver and wait at some designated spot on the sidewalk at some odd place in front of the terminal because its more convenient for the driver.

The cars are getting dirtier every year and the drivers less professional. I think its time for me to move on. I had a Sunday evening, 4: I called at 4: The customer service rep told me they must be right around the corner.

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We prebooked for Carmel to pick us up from our hotel near Times Square and for them to take us to JFK for our flight home at the end of our honeymoon as we thought it would be easier and cheaper than a cab. How wrong I was! The car wasn t there for our prebooked time and when we called we were told that the driver was on their way but was stuck in traffic "he will be with you soon" we were told. After 2 more calls from us and one from our hotel the car was nearly an hour late so I called one last time only to be told that the car had been, waited 12 minutes and then Le. I checked the address with them to make sure it was all the same which the hotel confirmed and told the, the driver couldn t possibly have been there as either my wife or I or both of us had been outside the whole time and would have seen someone park up! The "customer service" representative wasn t in the least bit helpful and told me that if we wanted a car we would have to book and pay again and wait for another car to turn up. Given that we were running late already we decided to get a cab which turned out to be the same price as Carmel and with a friendly driver.

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This car rental and ordering business was established in Today this company is one of the largest car service providers in the New York City area. Dial 7 mostly gives ride service from all major NYC airports, but you can choose to order their services to go anywhere as well. At this day, Dial 7 is a computerized dispatched system and has grown to have over cars, which are all ready to drive you wherever you need. Everyday this company services thousands of customers for both leisure traveling, and just simply ride to an airport.

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Cooper St. Mockingbird Ln. White Rock Lake. Map could not be loaded - please enable Javascript! Campbell Rd. Our state-of-the-art recycling system ensures we only use about 3 gallons of fresh water per car. We use biodegradable, water-based chemicals. Our filtration system catches all harmful contaminants. Carmel Car Wash supporting Lemonade Day.

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Booked airport transfers in advance with Expedia, put my name down for the driver to note on the greet sign at arrivals. It s not there. So my friend and I shrug it off, busy place probably queues, traffic etc. No sign of our driver after 30 minutes so we called Carmel from the courtesy phone near the customer info desk in arrivals. Reference number, name etc they confirm that we re booked, will be with us soon. They take a contact number and say they ll call back. They don t. We continue to wait, we call again, and the operator actually hangs up on us! We decide to call one more time. After a brief conversation we are told that our driver is at wrong terminal. I find this hard to believe. Surely a company that collects folk from airports might check the flight numbers???

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